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The hard fact of “soft skills” in hiring decisions

In a recent meeting with a client, they were lamenting about a poor employee.  My client was very frustrated about an employee they hired a few months ago and stated “she just isn’t working out”.  She has the experience and … Continue reading

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My Holiday Perspective—The Unplanned and Mr. Rogers

This month is extremely busy as we close out the business year, try to finish those annual goals, and plan for the coming year.  And as we all know, there is much uncertainty in the world today.  It’s that uncertainty … Continue reading

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Archeology and Compensation

Recently I made an offhand comment to a colleague that I can look at a company’s compensation plans and tell them about their organizational culture and what they really value.  He asked me to explain further, so I offered a few examples.  … Continue reading

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Incentive Planning—3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid

As companies begin work on incentive plans (whether executive plans, management, or sales plans) for the upcoming year, there are 3 critical mistakes companies often make in their zeal to  “pay for performance”. 1.  Incentive rewards not aligned with business … Continue reading

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3 Critical Mistakes in Managing Employee Performance

Hay Group (a premier consulting firm) earlier this year produced a report about Strategic performance management is based on research among 1,660 senior decision-makers in large firms across more than 30 countries worldwide. In the U.S., 250 senior decision-makers participated … Continue reading

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Are you lucky?

Seneca said “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” I agree with Seneca.  This pertains to both good luck and bad luck.  Is the current oil disaster simply bad luck?  I think not. It’s the result of a lack … Continue reading

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Mid-year Checkup

Mid-Year Check-up….I just received a notice from my primary care doctor to schedule a check-up.  So, let me remind you— employers, managers and employees– to do a mid-year check up on your performance.  This is a time to look deeper … Continue reading

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Strange Juxtapositions in Headline News

Today’s news headlines (yes, I still read the morning papers) collided and required I hold two differing facts simultaneously. One headline, California unemployment will top 13% and Adobe plans to lay off 680.  Both were next to Walmart’s announcement they expect much higher sales.  Am I missing something … Continue reading

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Thought leader, I think not….

Although living and working in Silicon Valley, I am not one to quickly embrace technology unless I believe it has real value.  After following many bloggers, I finally concluded blogging is here to stay as a viable, often valuable communication tool. That said, I struggle to imagine Human Resources professionals, business owners … Continue reading

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