Talent Management

Do you have the right people doing the right work to meet your goals?

Are you worried you don’t have the right people for the future you envision?

If a key employee retired tomorrow, will their organizational wisdom leave with them?

If these issues are keeping you awake at night, you need a Talent Management Program to ensure you are meeting your current needs with an eye towards the future.

Don’t wait until the future has arrived to realize that who you have isn’t enough!

What is Talent Management?

Talent Management is a key business strategy essential to a company’s success – required in any economic climate. Simply, it can be defined as the proactive steps to identify the key talent today within your organization and plan for future talent needs at all levels. It is the building and development of individuals, teams and departments to meet your  business needs of today, while planning for tomorrow. Successful talent management strategies improve productivity at all levels,  efficiently and cost effectively.

6 Factors in a Talent Management Program

  1. Identify job competencies & clarify values best aligned to your organizational goals.
  2. Assess today’s top talent in your organization through a strategic process.
  3. Create a strategic hiring process to identify and tap best talent quickly.
  4. Ongoing Performance Management –Track key positions and incumbents, and objectively evaluate individual’s contributions and performance.
  5. Develop and retain talent to build and preserve your organization’s intellectual capital to ensure a strong future.
  6. Assess current business talent needs and create programs to manage gaps.

Cypress Ridge Solutions partners with your management team to define requirements for key positions and ensure they are aligned with business needs by:

  • Conducting a Position and Task Analysis
  • Identifying Competencies and Developing a Competency Model
  • Identifying Top Talent in your workplace. Cypress Ridge offers programs to best identify the key high potential performers that best meet your business needs.
  • Performance Management – Implementation of programs to focus on all aspects of the workplace, the work and the worker to positively impact performance. We address what is necessary to encourage performance now and in the future.
  • Developing and Retaining Talent with our 7 Step Process to Prepare Development Plans.
  • Asses and manage current talent. We work with your teams to identify gaps and develop staffing/development plans to meet the business objectives.

Need to attract and retain talent first? Our Employee Retention Programs can help you!

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