Talent Management

Do you have the right people doing the right work? Our talent management program will help you develop a plan to make sure you do.

Employee Retention

Will your best employees be with you next year?  We will work with you to make sure they remain committed to your success today and tomorrow.

Communication & Compliance

Are you confused by labor laws and how they apply to your business? Let us clarify the legalese for you and help you implement legally sound yet practical solutions.


Are you paying too much or too little for the performance you’re getting?  We work with you to create an effective pay-program that will attract, retain and reward your staff.

Assessments & Surveys

If you can measure it, you can manage it.  Assessments and surveys help you to better understand and quantify the issues. This allows for better results in hiring, training, rewarding and retaining  the best people in your organization.

Professional Development & Training

Do you consider training a valuable investment in your employees and managers?  We design and deliver highly effective, staff development programs to meet your performance needs.


Looking for a presenter who educates, entertains, and engages? Cherryll offers a variety of speaking topics that can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Expert Witness

With over 25 years in Human Resources and Compensation work,  Cherryll Sevy’s varied and in-depth practical experience has been valuable in her role as an Expert Witness on many cases.  Reasonable compensation, wrongful termination and standards of employee practices are a few of the cases on which she has served as an expert witness.

Find out how we work to bring our expertise to your situation or read about how we put our services to work in our client success stories.

Call us at 408.203-3845 to request more information.

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