Thought leader, I think not….

Although living and working in Silicon Valley, I am not one to quickly embrace technology unless I believe it has real value.  After following many bloggers, I finally concluded blogging is here to stay as a viable, often valuable communication tool. That said, I struggle to imagine Human Resources professionals, business owners and executives, with hundreds of daily emails and overly scheduled days, actually spend much time reading blogs.  That is, unless there is value in exchange for their time spent.

Having been in the Human Resources profession for over 20 years, I have seen trends, fads and fashions come and go.  The more things change the more I notice the constants in people at work and in life.  We are in the deepest economic mire in decades, layoffs abound, people are disgruntled, and managers strive to find ways to get employees to do more with less.  My intention in this blog is to share what I see with people and the workplace, both the delightful and the inane, and offer my perspective on what works or what doesn’t.

With so many “thought leaders” around, why is there so little true leadership in the workplace (and in general for that matter)?  For the record, I don’t consider myself a “thought leader”, rather I consider myself a “thought synthesizer and implementer”.  Certainly more action and results oriented.   I encourage dialogue and believe the best ideas are those born from several perspectives and wisdoms.  I have a tremendously optimistic spirit that people can achieve great things, both individually and collectively. So, let the blogging begin!

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