Do your compensation programs pay for results or activities?

A sound compensation strategy is the cornerstone of a company’s ability to attract, retain and motivate its workforce. At Cypress Ridge, we work with our clients to link this strategy to their pay programs, creating a plan to achieve business objectives while recognizing and rewarding top talent and strong performance.

What we can deliver to your organization:

  • Clarity of your compensation strategy, competitive position and pay practice philosophy
  • Development of executive, management and individual contributor incentive plans
  • Design and implementation of sales incentive plans and special incentive programs
  • Board of Directors Compensation and Practices
  • Development of Performance Management systems
  • Total Rewards and Recognition program development
  • Stock option program design and implementation

Sponsored Custom Compensation Survey for Companies or Industry Associations

Is your company or industry association looking for relevant, timely and accurate labor market information?  Cypress Ridge Solutions can design and manage a custom compensation and pay practices survey for your specific positions in target local markets. This will help ensure you (or your association member companies) are paying employees competitive wages, as well as understand current trends in pay practices.  As an excellent member benefit, Industry associations can sponsor a member-company survey as an affordable attractive  benefit to help you attract and retain members.

Use our assessments to build more effective teams,  improve communication and performance.

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