Professional Development & Training

Cypress Ridge Solutions designs and delivers highly effective, focused half- and full-day staff development programs to meet the critical performance needs of our clients. Development is an investment in your employees, your most valuable assets, with direct impact on your bottom line.

We deliver timely, practical, and cost-effective programs, specifically tailored to your unique requirements and objectives. Highly participative, these sessions are fun and informative with high take-away value. Not only do we keep participants awake, they put into practice what we have presented.

Programs include a pre-training needs assessment with clients to identify specific educational goals, define unique industry and/or organizational characteristics, design customized materials and evaluations, and identify follow up programs to support and encourage the on-going effectiveness of the education programs.

Management and Employee Development Programs

Managing to Stay Legal – 4 hours

This informative, entertaining and highly interactive workshop will guide managers through the legal employment minefield, introducing legal concepts and how they impact their decisions and actions.

This workshop addresses how legal compliance impacts the employment cycle, from interviewing, hiring, performance management, through discipline and termination.

Performance Management Workshop – 4 Hours

Leading Good People to do Great Things

Know when to hold’em… know when to fold’em.

Interactive workshop to develop managers’ skills to maximize employee performance, set clear, relevant objectives, focus performance, and discuss performance at year end.


Sexual Harassment Prevention – 2 Hours

Designed for managers and supervisors to meet California Law AB 1825, enacted in 2005. Participants will clearly understand what constitutes sexual harassment and how to prevent sexual and unlawful harassment in the workplace.


Behavioral Styles – 4 Hours

Build communication & inprove team performance

Learn to recognize and utilize Behavioral Styles in work and in personal life. Prior to the workshop, participants take an online assessment and receive a personal report of their own style. This workshop is powerful for teams, to enhance communication, reduce conflict, and improve relationships.


Leading Your Team Through Change – 4 Hours

Focuses on strategies & issues of change. Participant’s assessment to identify individual’s strengths in 5 key areas to critical change. Customized to address key change issues in the organization. Excellent during mergers, high growth, or workforce reductions.

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