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Compliance Tip #8—Access to Personnel Files

As we all know, current employees have the right to inspect and copy personnel records relating to the employee’s performance or to any grievance concerning the employee. However, there are certain documents which may be excluded from the file by … Continue reading

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Politics—Should they be discussed at work?

This year, I’ve noticed conversations about politics have taken on a very ugly, negative tone, even among usually thoughtful, socially conscious individuals.  In several business venues, I’ve heard comments, varying from insensitive to flat out rude. I love a healthy debate on issues and differing viewpoints. However, when it … Continue reading

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Are you doing what you say you do?

Companies want to do the right thing and often write down in great detail what that policy or process is, who’s responsible and the consequences of poor behaviors.  However, I am frequently brought in to situations where the employer looked … Continue reading

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Archeology and Compensation

Recently I made an offhand comment to a colleague that I can look at a company’s compensation plans and tell them about their organizational culture and what they really value.  He asked me to explain further, so I offered a few examples.  … Continue reading

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Conversational Management

I love a good conversation. Great conversations offer an interesting flow of ideas and opinions, back and forth, respectfully and honestly.  With texting, emails and voicemail, it seems we’re losing that art and skill, both in our personal lives and our work environment.  How many of us have hidden behind emails instead of … Continue reading

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Lighten Up!

As I begin this series of blog posts, I hope to bring a fresh, lighter perspective. Is it just me or has the world become oh so serious? Where’s the humor? The kindness? For those of us in the “business of people”, we’re often the most serious of … Continue reading

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Leadership and One Coach’s Simple Approach

I grew up in the Bay Area as a life-long 49er fan, living through their ups and downs over the years.  Seems we’re on an up trend. I know it’s the coach!  Jim Harbaugh took a group of talented athletes … Continue reading

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3 Tips to Re-Engage Your Team

We’re over half way through the year.  Do you know where are you in relation to the goals and plans discussed at the beginning of the year?  It’s the perfect time to dig out those January 2012 strategic plans, company … Continue reading

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The Hidden (and very real) Costs of Employees

With the economy slowly recovering,  employers are beginning to hire carefully.  Perhaps in your organization,  you are  adding new employees.  In any business, it is essential to balance expenses and investments with the value gained. Is there enough value to … Continue reading

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Incentive Planning—3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid

As companies begin work on incentive plans (whether executive plans, management, or sales plans) for the upcoming year, there are 3 critical mistakes companies often make in their zeal to  “pay for performance”. 1.  Incentive rewards not aligned with business … Continue reading

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