We address your people, performance and pay challenges

Since 1982, we have been working with leaders of emerging and mid-sized organizations like yours to bring sound business strategies and practical solutions to the “people issues” in organizations.

What makes us unique?

Unlike other alternatives, Cypress Ridge Solutions blends a solid business understanding and great people sense to create powerful strategies and practical solutions to help your business succeed.

Here’s how we bring our expertise to your situation

We get to know one another. In our initial meeting (by phone or in person), we talk about you, your business and of course the people issues of your business. What’s working, what’s not, and what is really important to you beyond bottom line results. We ask questions and we really listen. In a casual, honest conversation, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about our philosophy, values, and approach and whether it’s a good fit for you.

We plan and clarify desired results. From the beginning, we work together to define and measure the “best and right” results for each project. When you work with us,  you can expect desirable, practical and sustainable changes. Before each project we’ll thoroughly clarify: what’s expected; responsibilities; schedules and milestones; deliverables and project fees.

Together, we will create and implement custom, scalable solutions to address your needs today with an eye on tomorrow’s success.

You and your organization will see real results, as our long term and past clients agree.

Human Resource programs are designed and implemented to support your organizational culture; are legally compliant; ensure you have the right people; and help you achieve your business goals.

Improve your abilities to identify, recognize and reward desired behaviors and performance. When compensation programs, incentive plans and Total Rewards programs are clearly defined, aligned with your organization’s goals and values, and communicated to the employees, your company and your employees will perform better and thrive.

Attract and retain the right employees. Inspire top talent to perform at their best and reward desired performance.

Gain confidence in your business decisions when you understand how best to inspire people, legally and effectively manage HR issues, and learn how your human resource programs affect your business.

Our Guiding Principles

Honesty. We strive to always be honest with our clients. This sometimes means telling you something you might not want to hear, but we believe it is essential and in your best interest. If we aren’t the best resource for you, we’ll let you know and help you find someone who is.

Shared Learning. We are curious, enjoy learning and share what we know. We continuously make every effort to communicate and educate your team so everyone will better understand the “whys and how”. They will be able to maintain and implement the programs and ensure future success.

Flexibility. We believe no one size fits all, every client is unique, and the ability to adapt is a key to success.

Code of Ethics.  You can be assured of the highest standards of behavior in all our relationships.

Practical and Resourceful. We find common sense ways to do things and treat your resources and dollars as if they were ours.

Great Places to Work. We believe a workplace can be a positive, energizing opportunity for individuals to learn, share their expertise and ideas with others, while generating success and profits for the employer. We also believe employers have a responsibility to treat their employees with respect, courtesy and fairly.

Fun and Humor. We recognize “business is serious stuff”, we also know that humor lightens the load and makes life a lot more fun.

If you like how we work, learn more about who we are and how our services can help you.

Call us at 408.203-3845 to request more information.

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