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The hard fact of “soft skills” in hiring decisions

In a recent meeting with a client, they were lamenting about a poor employee.  My client was very frustrated about an employee they hired a few months ago and stated “she just isn’t working out”.  She has the experience and … Continue reading

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Compliance Tip #10—Is your Social Media policy too draconian?

Social media use by employees is a rapidly evolving issue. However, the concerns, laws and questions are even more challenging for employers and managers. Does your handbook state you can fire an employee for posting negative comments about their manager … Continue reading

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Compliance Tip #9–Exempt/Non-Exempt Classifications: The Computer Professional

It is a good business practice to review the exempt/non-exempt classifications of job descriptions periodically. Responsibilities change, and more importantly, the laws and criteria  change.  Recently, in a job description review for a client, I found an employee who was … Continue reading

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Doing what we’re good at is good business

Strong evidence suggests engaged employees are higher performing employees, they identify with the mission and vision of the company, and understand how their role supports that mission. Gallup recently reported a strong relationship between employees utilizing their strengths and heightened … Continue reading

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Compliance Tip #7–San Jose Employers Minimum Wage Law

Voted into law in the November 2012 election, this new law impacts all employers with a facility in San Jose.  Employers with no facility in San Jose are not subject to this law. It designates the minimum wage paid be … Continue reading

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Compliance Tip #6—Changes in the Mandatory Notices for Employers

As in past years, there are several changes effective 1/1/2013 in the notices CA employers are required to post.   Every employer is required to post such notices in a visible place for all employees, such as a break room, hallway, etc. Some of … Continue reading

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My Holiday Perspective—The Unplanned and Mr. Rogers

This month is extremely busy as we close out the business year, try to finish those annual goals, and plan for the coming year.  And as we all know, there is much uncertainty in the world today.  It’s that uncertainty … Continue reading

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Compliance Tip #5–Background Checks–New form effective 1/1/2013

By now, most employers are aware of the value of conducting professional background checks. It costs a little up front, but can save thousands by avoiding a bad hire. Although background checks are not legally required, if you do them, you must comply with applicable local, state … Continue reading

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Compliance Tip #4–Written Sales Commission Plans

Effective January 1, 2013 in California, CA 1396 requires that all commission agreements must be in writing.  Here’s are some highlights of key points.  (Obviously not intended as legal advice, so consider this a heads-up to take further, more detailed … Continue reading

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Need help understanding the language of finance?

As you know, we work with clients to effectively manage and protect their valuable “people assets”.  Equally important is understanding a company’s financial assets, how they are reported and what it all means. Business owners, CEOs of small companies and … Continue reading

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