Assessments & Surveys

Assessments are powerful tools to measure factors that contribute to an individual’s or organization’s success. Employee assessments provide a systematic approach to gathering information about individuals that can be used to make better hiring and career-related decisions.

Assessments help you to better hire, train, motivate and retain the best talent in your organization, and offer a starting point in identifying strengths and areas to develop.

Make Better Hiring Decisions: Pre-Hire Assessment Tools

Use assessments to help you make better hiring decisions by gathering information on candidates to enhance your current hiring process. Use assessments to:

  • predict and identify workplace attitudes such as honesty and work ethic
  • test for must-have skills for your position
  • determine if the candidate’s interests match the job for long-term retention
  • match people to jobs for best organizational “job fit”

This takes much of the guess work out of the hire by finding the “best” candidate for the position.

Improve Communication & Teamwork: Behavioral Styles Assessments

Behavioral styles assessments provide information for current employees regarding their work focus, communication style and how they make decisions. These assessments help to build more effective teams and improve communication throughout your organization. A simple, yet powerful online assessment process can be utilized in conjunction with a workshop, or in one-on-one coaching sessions.

Employee Climate Surveys

Up to 40% of an employee’s performance is discretionary. That means “they decide” if they want to do more or less at work. The organizational culture and the way your employees “feel” about the company, the leadership, their job, and company practices has tremendous impact on how they perform or even if they will stay. Employee Climate Surveys are an essential diagnostic tool to assess what’s working and what’s not. They help to identify key areas of concern, and address them to make improvements to better engage and retain your employees and create higher performing teams. We work with clients to design a custom, easy to administer online survey for employees to respond, confidentially and honestly. Both quantitative measures and qualitative responses provide employers the knowledge and insights to creating an even better place to work. Done annually, employers can see relative improvements and measurable results.

Read more about our Employee Survey Snapshot program.

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