Client Success Stories

These success stories will help you better understand how we work with clients on their real life issues, and the results achieved through various solutions.

A Story about Compensation and Losing Employees to Competitors

The client, a small manufacturing company in Silicon Valley, (just over 50 employees) had no formal compensation program. They were hiring several new employees, as a result of growth and after losing several long term key employees.

The issue: The client knew they needed “something”, but didn’t want a complex compensation program.

A Story about Leadership Change and Low Morale in Non-Profit

The client, a successful, well known Bay Area non-profit had nearly doubled in size in less than a year to well over 100 employees, and recently had gone through significant leadership changes.

The issue: They struggled with low morale and a lack of confidence and support of the new Executive Director (who replaced a well liked, but ineffective ED). They were also experiencing numerous employee relations issues which negatively impacted the organization’s effectiveness.

A Story about a Long-term Poor Performing Employee

The client, a mid-sized technology company had a senior technical employee whose performance and attendance had deteriorated to an unacceptable level.

The issue: The employee had been with the company for many years and the manager was reluctant to do or say anything to him, even after several conversations with the HR Manager. Everyone was concerned about getting sued.

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