Employee Survey Snapshot

The magic formula that successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people.”

–Tom Peters

Do you know how your employees really feel about their job?

When a good employee leaves, do you hear things in the Exit Interview you didn’t know about before… and wish you had?

There are always a few vocal employees who will tell you what they think…..but what about the rest of your employees?  It is most often the unspoken or the unknown that causes the most damage in an organization.  Unless you offer a safe, confidential opportunity for all employees to tell you what’s working for them and what’s not, you may not learn about critical concerns and the results can be very damaging to your company. Employees may disengage, which affects their performance, or they may simply leave.

If you want to ensure your staff is performing at their best and you’re utilizing your human resource dollars most effectively, you must have honest, timely feedback from your employees. You need to know about critical issues so you can address them before it’s too late.   

Our Employee Survey Snapshot is a valuable, highly effective 25-question employee climate survey designed to elicit honest responses from your employees about their job, the company, and the management.

Why the Employee Survey Snapshot and why now?

  • Your good employees are receiving recruiting calls.  As the economy improves, your employees are hearing about opportunities from recruiters, friends and possibly competing companies. Unhappy employees are far more likely to listen. Can you afford to lose your best people?
  • Confidentiality.  An online survey, administered and seen only by a professional third-party, offers a confidential, non-threatening opportunity to your employees to provide honest feedback.
  • We’ve selected our best questions for this brief format.  With years of survey and employee relations experience, we’ve designed a great, compact survey of 25 of our best questions to give companies valuable insights. There are also open-ended questions to capture comments and concerns from employees.
  • It’s a great deal!  Small companies rarely have the time or the money to design, administer and analyze the results of a custom employee climate survey.  The Employee Survey Snapshot® covers the important issues and a company can quickly identify the issues to address those critical concerns.
  • Don’t wait until it’s too late. Often employees are unwilling to convey their honest feelings about key issues and employers find out too late there are problems which easily could have been resolved.

Discover important concerns before they become problems

The Employee Survey Snapshot can help your organization uncover surprising issues or confirm what appears evident, including:

  • What is most important to your employees’ commitment
  • Specific attitudes related to what’s going on in your company
  • How your employees feel about company leadership and their direct manager
  • The effectiveness of your company’s communications, both formal and informal
  • The ability to review trends from year-to-year—what’s getting better, what’s not?

Why Cypress Ridge Solutions

Cypress Ridge Solutions has over 20 years experience working with organizations of all sizes to develop and implement employee opinion surveys to give executives and managers measurable data which can be used to drive change today and ensure a stronger future.

3 Programs—Select the one best for your organization

Which Survey Plan is best for your organization?

  • The Basic                                                 $500
    • 25 questions (2 open-ended)
    • 2 Standard Reports/Graphs of Data
    • Summary of Survey Responses
    • Summary of Open ended questions responses
    • 1 hour Executive Briefing with CEO or key staff


  • Basic Plus                                                          $750
    • 30 questions (3 open-ended)
    • One Custom Sort Category (i.e. dept, location) ($250 per sort)
    • 2 Standard Reports/Graphs of Data
    • Summary of Survey Responses
    • Summary of Open ended questions responses
    • 1 hour Executive Briefing with CEO or key staff


  • Premium Custom                                                $1,500+
    • Specifics defined in proposal
    • 30 – 60 questions
    • Customized sorting
    • Custom Reports and Charts
    • 1 hour Executive Briefing with CEO or key staff
    • 1 hour executive briefing
    • Management /Employee presentation

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Employee Survey Snapshot

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