Employee Retention

Do you see good employees leave, while some employees are  disengaged and under-performing?

Attracting and hiring highly qualified employees is only the beginning of creating a successful work team. We work closely with our clients to ensure their top talent remain committed, vital contributors to the organization’s success.

Here are several Programs we can deliver to your organization:

  • Retention strategies and programs targeted to your strengths and corporate culture
  • Employee Climate Surveys to identify why employees stay, what keeps employees engaged contributors, and learn why they might consider leaving “before” they leave
  • Short-term and long-term incentive plans and performance pay programs designed and implemented to ensure you have a strong talent team to meet future needs (cash and non-cash programs)
  • Performance Improvement Plans and Individual Development programs to give  under-performing employees the tools and resources to be successful and more fully engaged.
  • Human Resources Policies and Practices Audit to ensure you are in compliance as well as recommendation of HR best practices

Ensure employees understand your entire Human Resources program, not just their paycheck.

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