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Doing what we’re good at is good business

Strong evidence suggests engaged employees are higher performing employees, they identify with the mission and vision of the company, and understand how their role supports that mission. Gallup recently reported a strong relationship between employees utilizing their strengths and heightened … Continue reading

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Let’s ditch the annual performance review, shall we?

The economic climate today offers business and individuals a great opportunity to step back, review and consider how they spend their time and money.  Painfully, we’ve finally realized there are not unlimited resources or time at work or in our personal lives. How we make changes … Continue reading

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Thought leader, I think not….

Although living and working in Silicon Valley, I am not one to quickly embrace technology unless I believe it has real value.  After following many bloggers, I finally concluded blogging is here to stay as a viable, often valuable communication tool. That said, I struggle to imagine Human Resources professionals, business owners … Continue reading

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