Lighten Up!

As I begin this series of blog posts, I hope to bring a fresh, lighter perspective. Is it just me or has the world become oh so serious? Where’s the humor? The kindness? For those of us in the “business of people”, we’re often the most serious of all.  Yes, I get that compliance and minimizing legal risks are important, but isn’t also the human spirit and acts of  kindness?

I want to share those little acts in business I’ve seen which lead to happier employees, tremendous loyalty and yes, greater productivity. There is so much that is right with the world…let’s shine on that for a while.

At a client’s monthly manager meeting, they have a tradition.  Someone recognizes another in the meeting for something special they did above and beyond and then gives them the traditional goofy stuffed frog.  I don’t know the significance of the frog, but I have seen it displayed proudly on the desk of the recipient.  Being recognized and praised in front of others feels great at any age.

A small business owner friend of mine, concerned about her own sedentary job and hearing similar concerns from her employees,  went out and bought everyone a pedometer.  They love those pedometers and proudly wear them every day.  Woven into normal business conversations, they share their steps number with other employees. Nearly every afternoon around 3, a group of them walk around the business complex.  This has improved afternoon productivity,  some have lost weight and feel better.  And those employees know how much the business owner cares about them as people.

If you have a story about something interesting you’ve seen that positively affects employees, please let me know.   I am all for bringing a bit more sunshine and spirit into the workplace!

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