Compliance Tip #7–San Jose Employers Minimum Wage Law

Voted into law in the November 2012 election, this new law impacts all employers with a facility in San Jose.  Employers with no facility in San Jose are not subject to this law. It designates the minimum wage paid be $10.00 per hour for any employees working more than two (2) hours per week. (Note:  California minimum wage is  $8.00, but that may vary by city laws.  California law does not allow employers to take tip credits against employees working at minimum wage. )  The law also states that this minimum wage is now subject to automatic annual increases based on the Consumer Price Index.  In addition, all San Jose employers are required to post a notice regarding this law and compliance, and are required to maintain personnel/payroll records for four (4) years.

For more detailed information, here’s a 2013 San Jose Minimum Wage Ordinance Fact Sheet.

This is not to be considered legal advice, just a heads-up,  to keep employers informed. 


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