3 Tips to Re-Engage Your Team

We’re over half way through the year.  Do you know where are you in relation to the goals and plans discussed at the beginning of the year?  It’s the perfect time to dig out those January 2012 strategic plans, company goals, and individual performance reviews with those carefully crafted and optimistic objectives.  Ideally they are still top of mind,  you and your team review them regularly, and activities and performance are aligned to meet those goals. All too often, I’ve seen them buried under piles of today’s urgent matters.

The positive energy and enthusiasm we all feel during those planning discussions tends to give way to urgent demands, unexpected issues, and exhaustion from the daily grind.

It’s time to step back, review your goals and renew the spirit of your team.

1.  Review, re-engage and recharge your team by tapping into the power of  meaningful goals.

Are the goals still relevant, clearly understood by all, and achievable?  If so, are all team members engaged to address them and realize the importance and impact their role has in the success of the organization.  Hearts and minds behind the actions lead to inspired actions, extraordinary results and happy employees.

2.  Change it up and delegate.

Look at what’s being done and who’s currently doing it.  Does it really need to be done, is the right person doing it and is it getting you where you want to be?  If not, this is the perfect time to realign and refocus your team.  One person’s dreaded chore can become another employee’s exciting growth opportunity.   We tend to underestimate the capabilities of others,  so maybe its time to better utilize your people in meaningful, invigorating ways.

3.  Give credit often to those who deserve it.

Recognition and appreciation are the secret sauce of success!  When last did you acknowledge an employee for their contributions and value to the team publicly?  Do you recognize and thank your employees often, letting them know how important they are and that they matter?  You can’t do it alone.  It takes the ideas, talents, and capabilities of everyone to make an organization thrive.   The number one complaint I hear from employees is a lack of recognition from their manager.  Appreciation doesn’t cost a dime and is so highly valued.

These are 3 ideas which can help you and a more engaged team get back on track to achieve the goals you want.

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